My name is Adam, and YES:
I love Jurassic Park.

It all started in 1993, when Jurassic Park first hit the big screen. Growing up it was one of my favorite movies. As I grew older, I always had a fascination with movie cars, especially the Batmobile, Herbie, and General Lee; but the most practical seemed to be a Jurassic Park Jeep.

Originally I wanted to build the Sand Beige/Red Jeep. I started to gather some research on the Jeeps, and found the cost to be out of my budget. I discovered that the Explorers were much cheaper to aquire. The cost of the Jeep alone would have been more than my entire Explorer build. As fate would have it, my Explorer turned up on an auction on the route that I drove to work. I purchased it, drove it as it was, and slowly collected parts until I had most of the major pieces.

As I began the conversion, I discovered a group called the Jurassic Park Motor Pool. Without their help, I never would have been able to complete my build. It's such an awesome group to be a part of, and I feel like we are a big family.

Owning this movie replica vehcile has been an absolute joy. I love that I am able to share it with others and being able to witness everyone's reactions is truely priceless. I find myself often saying "It's all about the Smiles-Per-Gallon" and that is completely true.